Behaviour & Cultural Change


  • Realise a return on your investment in new software
  • Ensure a smooth transition from one system to another
  • Reduce the cost and time of the change

What We Do

Introducing any new tool to an established organisation will meet with some resistance. People generally prefer the status quo. Even through the software developer can demonstrate how the new system will add value to your company, that value will remain a promise unless your people fully commit to using it. We provide:

  • Analysis of the current process from the perspective of the user;
  • Mapping of the current culture and identification of triggers for change;
  • Evaluation of how the new software does make operating the process easier for the user;
  • Design of communication materials;
  • Provision of inter-active tools and workshops to demonstrate the benefits of working in the new way;
  • Providing users with rewards for working in the new way (gamification).

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Christophe; Laurent; Neil; Jamie