Project Management


  • Ability to motivate and engage participants across your organisation
  • Enhances the speed and quality of project execution
  • Gives everyone a sense of ownership of project outcomes

What We Do

We provide project collaboration software that enables people from across your organisation to work together. Building on the advantages of a culture of open collaboration such software facilitates the rapid identification of project tasks and risks; allocation to the most appropriate person whether part of the formal project team or not; and real-time updates of actions taken and planned.

The ability to coordinate resources to deliver a project on time and within budget is a core competence for any organisation: enabling everyone to work in an open, supportive and focussed way greatly enhances the quality of planning and the speed of execution. We provide:

  • A clear, value focussed assessment of your project management needs
  • An ability to integrate project management with your business processes: financial, commercial, production, delivery and service systems all need to be interlinked for maximum efficiency.
  • Connection of your project management tool with your ERP, CRM, team support, etc.

Links to other services

Project Collaboration Software adds most value when introduced to a culture in which open, supportive collaboration is the norm. When used with our Behaviour & Cultural Change services you can expect a dramatic improvement in the execution of your projects. In addition, using Project Collaboration Software to coordinate a program of Behaviour & Cultural Change reinforces the desired behaviours for everyone involved.


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