Project Management; Training


  • Equip your team to deliver complex projects on time and within budget.
  • Build project management as a core competence in your organisation.
  • Ensure investment of time and money delivers the expected results

What We Do

In every part of the business, there is a need to change and improve the way that goods and services are provided. Marketing, sales, logistics, production, accounting & finance, HR, engineering, etc. all need to plan, execute and review projects to achieve the desired change. We provide:

  • Introduction to Project Management: a two-day interactive workshop to instil the key disciplines of planning & budgeting, risk and issue management, resource control;
  • How to Specify: a one-day workshop in which participants experience the consequences of poor specification and learn how to correctly order goods and services;
  • Intermediate Project Management: a three-day experiential learning event in which participants practise new techniques with safe, simulated projects;
  • Advanced Project Management: three days which equip your team to manage projects successfully, regardless of size and complexity;
  • Coaching & Mentoring Service: Our experts partner with your project manager to review progress at each stage of the project providing clear guidance and best practice tips to ensure delivery of expected benefits of your project.

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The best practice for culture change is to enable your own people to lead the change. Project Management skills are essential to coordinating activity across the organisation to ensure that each step is successfully completed


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