Behaviour & Cultural Change


  • Releases value locked within the hierarchy
  • Provides access to hidden talent
  • Offers innovative solutions to commercial and operational challenges
  • Measures the value added through collaboration

What We Do

Everyone in your organisation has knowledge and experience related to their current role and also from their life outside of work. In hierarchical structures, people tend to interact mainly with their colleagues and direct managers and subordinates. Often people who excel at their work, don’t know that they out perform their peers in other parts of the organisation – they just do what seems right to them. Opening ways in which people can communicate directly with each other and inviting people to share best practice or ask for help can transfer knowledge across the company raising performance in each department at every location. We provide

  • Guidance on the creation and development of communities so that people with shared ideas and a shared purpose can communicate directly with one another;
  • Coaching for Community Leaders on how to engage community members in the work of that community;
  • Measurement systems that link the activity of the community with the value it adds to the business;
  • Strategies to include customers and suppliers in these communities to add value across the supply chain;
  • Communication tools and techniques to engage people throughout the organisation in sharing best practice openly;
  • Techniques that transfer ideas developed in the community to the operational and commercial processes to raise quality, reduce errors and enhance profitability;
  • Workshops in which participants experience the power of working collaboratively.  These can be face to face or online.

Links to other services

To enable your workforce to work collaboratively, you will need to equip the people Leading Change; Communicate and Coordinate the Change and apply the disciplines of Project Management.


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