Servitization & Collaboration


  • Maps all who is involved in delivering a successful customer outcome

  • Identifies risk and reward across the value network

  • Provides solutions for better collaboration that will delight the customer

What We Do

The delivery of outcome-based services which guarantee the performance of a product or process requires the coordination of inputs from many different providers. Collaboration allows greater freedom of people across the value network to do what is needed to meet the requirements of the customer while ensuring that everyone is properly and fairly rewarded.

We provide:

  • Value Network analysis to map all the entities and interactions involved in the delivery of the outcome-based service;
  • Investigation to identify risk and reward across the Value Network;
  • Training for the effective identification, development and management of collaborative business relationships;
  • Preparation for qualification to ISO 44001;
  • Workshops to gain the commitment of partners across the Value Network to work collaboratively.

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