Behaviour & Cultural Change; Project Management


  • Your employees are motivated to ensure the success of any change
  • Your communications are exciting, informative and effective
  • All types and styles of communication are used in the most effective way

What We Do

In any change, it is important: to keep all stakeholders informed of the why, how and when; to ensure that everyone is prepared to take the actions required of them; and, to celebrate success at each step of the transformation. We provide

  • Stakeholder analysis: who will need to know what, why and when;
  • A communication plan: fitting the methods of communication to suit the needs of each audience;
  • Communication materials to inform, excite and engage;
  • Infographics to present complex ideas in memorable ways;
  • Training in the use of phones and tablets so your people can produce high quality images and videos to share their ideas and achievements with their colleagues across the organisation;
  • Video editing and production services;
  • Training for media interviews.

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This is a key service that supports and enables all the other services to succeed.


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