• Orientates new engineers to the world of work
  • Ensures engineers are quickly able to add value to the organisation
  • Provides a pipeline of talent for the organisation

What We Do

Graduates join the company with lots of enthusiasm but with limited experience of the world of work. Understanding their role in the value chain of the company allows engineers to act with commercial awareness and business acumen. Many university courses necessarily focus the young engineer on a limited number of topics within one main discipline: in industry, an engineer must work with an awareness of all aspects of the project. For example, installing a new machine in the factory requires and understanding of the production process; electrical, mechanical and civil engineering; budgeting and cost control; project management; leadership; etc. We provide:

  • Support for the recruitment and selection of engineers;
  • Training workshops delivered in a series of modules to develop your graduates as they mature in the business;
  • Task books, written specifically for your company, that direct the engineer’s activities while on work experience in your factories and design offices;
  • Mentoring for your graduates;
  • Tutors to supplement your own engineers in the delivery of the training modules.

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