Behaviour & Cultural Change; Training


  • Change initiatives deliver the desired improvement in performance
  • Leaders develop self-confidence and a passion to succeed
  • Individuals across the organisation act with energy and purpose

What We Do

We interact with leaders at every level in your organisation to equip them with the skills necessary to initiate, lead and establish a permanent change in the behaviour of your people. We provide

  • Tools to evaluate the expected value added as a result of the planned change in culture;
  • An assessment of the existing culture of the organisation through surveys and interviews with key personnel;
  • Guidance on the most appropriate tools and techniques to initiate and sustain change;
  • Bespoke workshops matched to your existing culture to enable your people to discover the new way of working for themselves;
  • Individual coaching for key leaders – in particular to identify the minimum set of behaviours and actions needed to sustain the desired change. (We recognise that leaders are busy running the business and leading change is one part of their daily activities);
  • Measurement of progress using metrics to encourage leaders to take the desired actions;
  • Experiential learning that embeds the desired behaviours in your people. This can be delivered on-line as well as in face to face workshops.

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Leadership of change is the set of skills needed to initiate and sustain a change in the organisation. On its own, it can create a sense of urgency and motivate people to perform but without proper Project Management and Communication & Coordination, progress will be slow.


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