Behaviour & Cultural Change


  • Change is owned by your own people
  • Change initiatives gain momentum
  • The true value of the change for your company is shared
  • People are rewarded and motivated through personal recognition

What We Do

It is much more effective to carry through a change when it is led by your own people. Theory becomes real as people share their own experiences of working in the new way. Trusted colleagues deliver a message more compelling than unknown consultants. We provide:

  • Exciting, informative communication materials to carry the good news across the organisation;
  • Simple yet effective ways to share a success story;
  • Support to link a story to real cost savings or sales increases;
  • Training in the use of phones and tablets to record quality video so colleagues can talk directly to their peers;
  • Newsletters to bring highlights of success to a wider audience within the company or to shareholders or customers.

Links to other services

Sharing Success is one way to demonstrate the value gained by the company from using any of our services


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