What We

At Thistle Management we believe in people. We believe that given the right environment and clear goals, your people have the knowledge, experience and creativity to deliver sustainable profits. Working with you, we create the right environment for your company so that your people partner in your success.

Thistle Management enables companies to profit from collaboration between employees, customers and suppliers. Our international network of consultants delivers bespoke solutions that engage and motivate your people.

Our vision is that enabling open peer to peer communication at all levels of the organisation accelerates the identification, development, sharing and implementation of best practice. Operating every part of your business at this level ensures that waste is driven out of the organisation, costs fall, quality rises and value is added.

All that we offer is available in individual modules or as a coordinated whole so we can tailor our services to the needs of your team.

What we do is:

  • RECOGNIZE that people throughout your organisation can make the company perform better;
  • EXCITE them so they openly share their knowledge and experience;
  • CREATE communities of practice where it is safe to ask questions and provide answers;
  • ENCOURAGE behavior change through face to face and on-line workshops in which people experience power of working together;
  • FACILITATE the sharing of success stories; and
  • ENSURE that people are thanked for their participation.

The costs are low but the potential rewards are high

We have a network of experts with skills that complement each other to define the culture your company needs, coach your leaders and team members on the new way of working, coordinate activity across your organisation and enable your people to communicate their success.

This is a structured process with clear metrics by which we can track progress: both in terms of the behavior change and in regard to its impact on your company’s bottom line